AToC part 2

Today is the longest stage of the Amgen Tour of California and the commentators at are really getting good. The stage is pretty flag and, frankly, not terribly scenic.

But the people they’re lining up to interview at the booth is getting really impressive.

So far they’ve interviewed Bobke who had his head shaved this morning by Johan Bruneel. The shave was the result of raising over $5000 for LAF through Fatty’s challenge.

But some of the standouts are Phil Southerland who dropped from the race on day 3 talking about how Team Type 1 got started.

Then an interview with Saul Raisin whose story is just awe inspiring. It’s awell told tale, but basically he crashed really badly in a race and suffered severe brain injury, was in a coma, and was given a very dim prognosis.  Read his story and about his foundation: Raisin Hope Foundation.

A fun day and the race isn’t over yet. Boy, is this a long stage.

Tomorrow: time trial at 3:00.

2 Responses to “AToC part 2”

  1. Greg! Says:

    Did you hear that the police recovered (and returned) Lance’s stolen TT bike? He’s planning to ride it tomorrow (later today… whatever).

    Lesson to thieves: Don’t steal visually striking, one of a kind bikes which belong to superstars.

    If only justice was that quick for the rest of us.

  2. todd Says:

    I saw that. Looks like the wheels are gone, though.